Why Aren’t Sales Reps Spending More Time Selling?

Why Aren’t Sales Reps Spending More Time Selling?

Industry research shows sales representatives may spend as much as 30% of their time looking for or creating content to share with their prospects.

Whoa! To put that into perspective, that’s 30 percent of their time when they’re…

NOT visiting customers.
NOT following up on leads.
NOT building relationships.
NOT closing sales.
NOT generating revenue for your company.

That’s a problem! And it happens because:

  1. Sales reps have to dig for marketing collateral and sales materials when they need them.
  2. Sales reps are prisoners of their desks when preparing for sales appointments.

Let’s explore each of these issues.

No Readily Available Buyer-Specific Marketing And Sales Materials

Oh the dreaded “M: drive.” It’s where marketing puts all of their collateral and where they expect sales reps to go to excavate it. While it may seem convenient to have materials saved in that central place, it often creates confusion and wastes time. Often, the materials aren’t updated or out-of-date files aren’t deleted when new, improved versions are created. Sometimes collateral isn’t filed in an organized, logical manner. And sales reps may not realize when new materials have been added into the mix.

Besides all that, sales reps often find themselves creating their own content, because what’s available doesn’t quite apply to the needs of their buyers.

All of this costs sales reps valuable time as they try to ferret out what they should be using and reinventing the wheel so it’s better suited to the buyer.

Sales Reps Are Stuck At Their Desks

Think about it. When the only way they can access prospect information, marketing materials, and proposal software is by being physically glued to their computer, sales reps don’t have the agility to seize opportunities as effectively.

Without the efficiency to access all of the information and tools they need from wherever they are and whatever device they have at their disposal, sales reps can’t make the most of their time.

It Doesn’t Have To Be That Way

The term “sales enablement” is tossed around the Internet like a Barbie doll in a daycare center, but it’s pure meaning is something that can’t be ignored. You have to enable sales teams with streamlined processes and tools that will allow them to spend more time selling.

At Nolinio, we are committed to helping companies accomplish just that. We’ve developed our sales enablement platform to solve the problems we addressed above. With our solution…

  • Sales reps get a customized, touch-friendly app for their mobile devices to make presenting and finding materials quicker and more convenient.
  • When you update your materials, your sales team will have the most current materials in their hands.
  • Sales reps can easily and quickly tailor presentations to address their buyers’ specific needs.
  • Sales reps receive notifications when buyers engage with the materials sent to them. This enables the reps to get back in touch to answer questions and check interest immediately, instead of waiting for the “right time.”

The Nolinio Solution In The Real World

Clipper Magazine, a Nolinio customer and national advertising powerhouse, has been using our platform since we first launched it nearly three years ago.

Here are just a few of the positive remarks we’ve been hearing from the company’s sales reps:

It’s great because everything that I need is at my fingertips—CCO Reports, Ad Samples, Testimonials, Rates, TLS, OPP, etc. I can quickly pull up specific media when I’m with a client, when needed.

I am averaging three to five minutes from start to finish on a brand new presentation. This task use to take days to simply find the right materials.

It makes us look so professional, creative, and classy, and it really shows off who we are and what we can do.

It allows you to do any amount of work while on the road with just the iPad. And no Wi-Fi! Brilliant!

Are You Ready To Truly Enable Your Sales Team? Contact us today for a straightforward conversation and free demo of how the Nolinio platform can empower your sales representatives with the tools and the time to sell like they’ve never sold before.