Is Being Stuck In A Data-Desert Stacking The Odds Against Your Marketing Efforts?

Is Being Stuck In A Data-Desert Stacking The Odds Against Your Marketing Efforts?

Marketing is a gamble with success unlikely when you don’t have enough—or the right—data to know what’s working and what isn’t.

According to a survey by the Association of National Advertisers, 75 percent of marketers worry about losing ground to more agile competition.

What makes competitors more “agile”? Surely a number of factors—including data and analytics that give them insight about what marketing efforts are effectively moving prospects through the sales funnel to a purchase.

According to McKinsey & Company, 50 percent of companies struggle to measure the impact of their digital marketing efforts on sales and profits.

82 percent of those that actually do have a handle on it report achieving 5+ percent profit improvement.

Five. Percent. Improvement. How sweet would that look on your bottom line?

Odds are, pretty great.

So what kind of data, analytics, and sales enablement capabilities can help you get there?

Consider these to improve your chances:

  • Knowledge of which specific pieces of content your sales team is—and isn’t—using.
  • Knowledge of which pieces of content (down to the page level) buyers are consuming and interacting with.
  • Knowledge of which pieces of content were viewed before the buyer contacted your sales team.
  • Ability to update sales and marketing collateral universally so all sales reps have the latest and greatest versions available in real time.
  • Ability for sales reps to customize content and create buyer-specific presentations on the spot to match individual prospects’ interests and needs.
  • A mobile platform that enables sales reps to access all of the collateral they need anytime and anywhere.

With in-depth insight about what’s happening with your content and how effective it is at moving buyers through the sales funnel, you’ll be better able to focus on producing content that’s worth your time, energy, and money. And with the ability to make that killer content fully accessible to and adaptable by your sales team, you’ll put both the buyer’s and seller’s journeys on a more direct course.

A sales enablement tool—with that level of functionality and versatility—can save you from the data desert you’re operating in and put the odds in your favor.

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