Is Your Sales Productivity Suffering Because You’re Ignoring Sales Enablement?

Is Your Sales Productivity Suffering Because You’re Ignoring Sales Enablement?

Selling isn’t an easy job. So why make it harder for your sales team?

When sales support processes fall short, sales representatives find themselves spending the majority of their time doing everything EXCEPT selling.

Did you know that studies have indicated 30% or more of the typical sales team’s time is spent looking for marketing materials? If you do the math, that equates to 12+ hours. And according to Docurated’s State of Sales Enablement Report (February 2016), sales reps take it upon themselves to create 40% of all enterprise content because they’re unhappy with content from marketing.

That time spent away from selling doesn’t do wonders for a business’s bottom line. At least $1 trillion each year is lost because of lack of sales productivity and wasted marketing budgets.

That’s crazy.

How Do You Stop The Madness?

It’s not rocket science. Give your sales team tools to increase their efficiency and focus on producing marketing materials that effectively move buyers through the sales funnel.

In other words, integrate a sales enablement platform into your systems and processes so your sales team can concentrate their time and effort on selling.

Makes sense, right? Yet according to Hubspot, 76% of content marketers are forgetting sales enablement.

That’s a grave oversight that could result in not only lost sales time, but also lost opportunities.

What A Sales Enablement Platform Can Do To Boost Sales Productivity

  • Provides the data, analytics, and quantitative insight necessary for creating marketing content that will effectively shorten the sales cycle.
  • Gives your sales team time to quickly and easily customize buyer presentations—using their mobile devices!
  • Delivers updates to sales and marketing materials in real time so reps always have the latest and greatest content.

Although sales success doesn’t rest alone on marketing content, it’s a huge cog in the wheel.

In a 2010 study, “95% of buyers chose a solution provider that ‘provided them with ample content to help navigate through each stage of the buying process.’”

Content that’s tailored to the individual buyer throughout the buyer’s journey facilitates the sale. And accessibility to on-point content throughout the process keeps sales productivity high because reps can spend their time on what they do best. So, isn’t it time to stop ignoring sales enablement?

Feeling the sting of sinking sales productivity? Contact us about getting a customized demo of Nolinio’s innovative sales enablement app. It gives you the insight to produce marketing and sales materials that satisfy sales and engage buyers, makes your content readily available on the go, seamlessly manages collateral, and integrates with your other enterprise systems to streamline processes and boost efficiency.