How To Sell Your Team On Sales Enablement

How To Sell Your Team On Sales Enablement

Although you may recognize the value of investing in a sales enablement platform to ensure your marketing assets succeed in driving customers deeper into the sales funnel, expect that not all stakeholders will be on board.

You may need to use your powers of persuasion—along with an appeal to your team’s common sense and desire to boost profitability—to get the nod to move forward.

As you’re proposing to integrate a sales enablement platform into your systems and processes, make sure you don’t leave out any key points that can state your case and facilitate consensus.

Where’s a great place to start?

How about pointing out the “must haves” that you don’t have?

  • A clue about what collateral your sales team is using and what is getting ignored.
    Smart digital marketing materials that collect data.
  • Quantitative marketing insights to shorten your sales cycle.
  • Analytics to help you know who is using your content, who is looking at your content, and even what specific pages of your content are getting the most attention.
  • The flexibility to readily adapt content to specific buyers based on how they’ve interacted with your sales team and marketing materials in the past.
  • A way for your sales team to quickly and easily customize buyer presentations using the most effective content, tailored to that buyer’s specific needs and wants.
  • A way for your sales team to create fully customized presentations using their mobile devices.
  • A method to put all your sales support materials at your sales reps’ fingertips—and update them in real-time and across the board, so no one has out-of-date collateral.

Closing the gap between the “must haves” and your “don’t haves” is the only way for your company to gain an objective view of the materials you create, allowing you to more effectively focus on what works. Closing the gap is the only way to achieve closed-loop marketing and reap the revenue-producing, cost-saving benefits.

Ask your team

Can your company afford to ignore buyers’ demands for customized content?

Can you afford for sales not to use 80% of your marketing materials because they aren’t effective at moving prospects through the sales funnel?

Can you afford for your sales team to spend 30% or more of its time searching for relevant marketing materials rather than selling your products and services?

If your team answers “no” to these questions (as any reasonable, fiscally responsible professional would), then you’re on your way to a productive and intelligent discussion about the multi-faceted value of sales enablement.

Ready to get your team on board? Contact us about getting a customized demo of Nolinio’s revenue-boosting, cost-saving mobile sales enablement app. It makes your marketing and sales materials readily available on the go, provides valuable data and analytics, seamlessly manages collateral, and integrates with your other enterprise systems to enhance your business intelligence.