The B2B Companies That Understand Buyers Win

The B2B Companies That Understand Buyers Win

Who doesn’t like to win? Admit it; it’s way better than losing, even though we all know (or at least we’ve been told) that our failures can be important “teaching” moments.

Winning as a B2B company requires giving buyers what they want—and that requires understanding those buyers. To do that, you need to deliver a data-driven customer experience (data-driven CX).

According to the Forbes Insights study Data Elevates The Customer Experience, “Data-driven customer experience is critical to the future growth and development of organizations, particularly in today’s hyper-competitive economy.”

That study of 357 executives of large organizations revealed that data-driven CXs result in a wide range of positive outcomes. Among them, the most often cited benefit (reported by 57 percent of the participants) is the ability to more effectively target and optimize sales and marketing for specific buyers.

Of course, you can’t very well tailor your marketing and sales efforts to each individual buyer’s needs and preferences if your company has cultivated the equivalent of a data desert.

There’s no way around it; you need a robust sales enablement tool to gather relevant data and make heads or tails of it. You need a means to deliver more accurate insights across the funnel to facilitate sales from existing and prospective buyers.

Seven Characteristics Of A Winning Sales Enablement Tool

As you research which tool will best serve your company’s needs, keep these seven critical considerations in mind:

Accessibility and Versatility – Will the tool leverage mobile technology and provide you sales and marketing teams access via multiple devices/platforms?

Real-time Insight – Will the tool gather data in real-time and readily allow your team to use it to make informed decisions about what actions to take next?

Everything In One Place – Is the tool capable of keeping all of your latest presentations, marketing materials, and selling assets at your sales team’s fingertips? Are updates to collateral globally distributed so everyone has the most current materials all the time?

Enterprise-class – Is the tool capable of handling the volume and complexity of your B2B company’s data?

Adaptability – Will the tool allow your sales team to customize your sales and marketing collateral on the fly to individual buyers? Does it employ page intelligence to allow sales people to easily extract specific content and assemble tailored, smart presentations from your library of resources within minutes not hours.

Opportunity Awareness – Does the tool allow you to identify top prospects by how they’ve reacted to marketing and sales collateral?

Collateral Intelligence – Is the tool capable of monitoring the use of every sales and marketing asset so you know what content is being used, who is using it, and in what context your team members are using it?

Marketing Foresight – Does it allow your marketing team to understand what they need to focus on by not only knowing what collateral the sales reps use BUT also by what specific content resonates—or doesn’t resonate—with the prospects.

In the Forbes study mentioned earlier, executives reported that, overall, visibility into buyer activity is low. In fact, only 6 percent—a mere handful—of enterprises are currently capable of seeing the entire breadth of their customers’ experiences.

How can you improve upon or capitalize on what you can’t see?

Buyers are becoming more selective and competitors are becoming increasingly savvy. To win, your B2B company needs a clear view of your buyers’ experiences and the means to adapt your marketing and sales activities to optimize every interaction.

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