Could More Than Three-Quarters Of Your Marketing Materials Be A Waste Of Money?

Could More Than Three-Quarters Of Your Marketing Materials Be A Waste Of Money?

Do the majority of your marketing dollars spent on marketing and sales materials go down the drain because no one uses or interacts with them?

Studies have indicated as much as 80 percent of marketing materials are never used by sales teams.

To illustrate the impact, let’s do some quick math: If you have a $10M marketing budget, that means you likely don’t know what’s happening with $8M of it.

Ouch. That could leave a mark.

Does It Have To Be This Way?

That depends.

When your business is operating in a zero-data zone without access to the insight you need to know what collateral and content is getting used and consumed and what’s getting passed over, you have a problem. And you can kiss a big chunk of your marketing dollars goodbye as a result.

Note to Self: Buyers Have Changed

In case you haven’t noticed, buyers have become more sophisticated and demanding over the past 10 years. They’re used to getting information tailored specifically to them online, thanks largely to Amazon’s lead in revolutionizing marketing with its personalized targeting approach and closed-loop data.

So, if you send buyers generic brochures, catalogs, or presentations, they’ll likely lose interest fast.

How To Solve The Problem

Want to be a hero? Whittle that 80 percent of wasted dollars way down to 30 percent or 20 percent or even less by simply giving buyers the information they want. Focus your marketing budget on sales support materials that get results.

1. For starters, stop using “dumb” marketing and sales materials that don’t collect data.

When was the last time Amazon sent you a hard-copy brochure? Um, never. So why are you not using the technical innovations of our time to deliver a digital buyer experience that provides you with essential analytics throughout the entire sales process?

2. Implement a sales enablement tool that effectively uses data and analytics to…

Allow your marketing and sales teams to see buyers’ interactions with collateral (to the page level) and better understand their interests and behaviors.

Provide your sales team the flexibility to create smart presentations that cater to each individual buyer’s specific wants and needs.

Results You Can Bank On

Can your business afford to waste 80 percent of its marketing dollars? We didn’t think so.

Give your marketing budget a brighter future by securing a solution that collects relevant data, provides meaningful analytics, and empowers your sales team to close more deals and shorten buying cycles.

Ready to stop the bleeding in your marketing budget? Contact us about getting a customized demo of Nolinio’s mobile sales enablement app. It provides the analytics and collateral intelligence you need to ensure your marketing dollars are spent on what works.