Making Buyers Work Hard to Purchase from your Business

Making Buyers Work Hard to Purchase from your Business

Buyers are busy, and they lack the time (and often the patience) to weed through sales and marketing materials that aren’t relevant to them. As they think through purchasing decisions, they’re demanding more personalized information.

So if you’re still using shotgun marketing methods that essentially treat every buyer the same as the next, your hungry competition has an open invitation to bite into your marketshare.

Not a very appetizing proposition, is it?

Giving buyers on-demand, targeted product information that answers their questions in a timely manner without making them work for it requires far more than dumb luck, a wish, or a prayer.

It involves moving beyond the “zero-data zone” and getting the business intelligence and tools needed to cater to the buyer’s needs and wants.

It requires rethinking how to create the optimal buyer experience and manage it beyond the sales cycle through…

  • Leveraging mobile technology’s accessibility and versatility.
  • Putting a standardized, cross-platform tool at your sales team’s fingertips.
  • Customizing sales and marketing collateral to individual buyers.
  • Gathering real-time insight that will allow you to make informed decisions.
  • Identifying top prospects through their interaction with collateral.
  • Global distribution of updated collateral so everyone on your sales team has current materials.
  • Monitoring every sales and marketing asset’s usage.

Having the means to do all of the above can help ensure every sales interaction between your business and your buyers is one that delivers high value while demanding less time from not only your prospects but also from your sales team.

Why is that so important?

In its 2015 The State Of Sales Productivity Report, Docurated found that on average sales reps spend one-third of their time searching for or creating content.

That time and effort adds up, limiting your sales force’s capacity to do what they do best—sell. And that can hurt your company’s bottom line.

It pays to embrace technology that will enable you to create, monitor, analyze, and adapt marketing content to suit every unique sales opportunity. According to McKinsey & Company, businesses delivering next-gen digital experiences are well-positioned to see a sales uplift of 30 percent or more, have revenue growth that’s 10 percent higher than the industry average, and be between 20 to 30 percent more profitable.

Some tasty food for thought, don’t you think?

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