Accelerate Your Sales

A sales platform for making sales reps more productive, delivering quantitative marketing insights and winning with your buyers.


A suite of software that will make your business sell better.

Smart presentation

Smart Presentationstm

Enables sales reps to assemble and deliver personalized presentations in minutes. Smart Presentationstm provide real-time feedback from the buyer and are automatically updated with new content.

Closed-Loop Marketing

Marketing now has an objective view of the material they create so efforts can be better focused. All seller and buyer activity is collected to create a complete view of the sales process.
Distributed content

Distributed Content

Provide all your sales support materials to your sales reps in one app at their finger-tips. Engage customers with relevant information that boost sales and simplify the sales cycle. Reduce wasted printed marketing sales support material.

We understand your sales reps are inundated with vast libraries of products, services and sales support material to sell.

We’ve all heard the industry research claim of up to 30% of sales reps time is spent searching for or making their own marketing material. We can provide you with the sales solution to reduce sales ‘non-sales’ time, increasing sales productivity and effectiveness.
Bob from Clipper
“I am averaging 3-5 minutes from start to finish on a brand new presentation. This task use to take days to simply find the right materials.”
Bob R, Sales Rep Clipper Magazine

Everything In One App, At Their Fingertips

Nolinio App Example
Nolinio takes the work out of having personalized engagements with your prospects. We make sure all your content is distributed to each sales rep’s device. Our platform enables marketing to organize that content to fit in your rep’s workflow.
Using our Smart Presentationstm, reps can quickly assemble the material into personalized presentations which can be presented from their device or sent to prospects. Once delivered, sales reps know instantly when their prospects are engaging with the material… when, which material and for how long.
This level of personalization and real-time insights shortens your sales cycles and increases sales.

We understand your marketing staff is challenged with creating sales support material that sales can succeed with.

We’re all aware of the industry research claim of up to 80% of marketing material isn’t used by sales. We can provide you with a sales solution that turns subjective into quantitative and allows marketing to optimize sales support material based on sales’ and buyers’ behaviors.
“Nolinio’s flexibility in the Platform has made it extremely easy for us to respond to feedback from our sales reps and change the interface as we see fit.”
Jen F, Marketing Coordinator Berk-Tek

Closed-Loop Marketing System

Nolinio Closed-Loop Marketing Example
Our platform lets you to distribute your material to the hands of your sales team. Activity from both your sales team and their prospects is collected and measured, providing you with an objective view of your material usage. With these insights you’re able to refine and fine-tune your material library or trim material that’s not being used to reduce your effort of maintaining and updating. Repeating this cycle helps you deliver the most effective material in the most efficient way.

Selling to today’s buyers is difficult, do you need to rethink your approach?

Consider these questions and get in touch if you want to know more.

Are your sales reps engaged in consultative sales?


Is your marketing team able to make objective decisions about your marketing budget?


Is your sales team spending too much time organizing their sales material?


Are your buyers being presented with timely and accurate information?